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How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

During Hurricane Season it’s always a good idea to assess your personal matters, making sure that you understand coverage, and have security measures in place in case the storm hits. Security and safety is always a top concern for us, at HK Contractors LLC.

We routinely evaluate and test our disaster recovery plan. In addition to implementing other measures throughout the year to ensure that our customers’ funds remain protected and accessible.

How Can You Secure Your Home?

Outdoor furniture and other objects can pose a potential hazard. Turn off propane tanks and other utilities if instructed to do so by emergency personnel. The main action that every reputable company will provide you with, is to install impact windows & doors in your home.

Hurricane impact windows are impact resistant windows designed to withstand hurricane force winds and depending on the grade you get different sized missiles. With shutters and plywood, you have to plan ahead of time and spend a lot of time installing and preparing your home, where as with impact resistant hurricane windows your home is ready for the weather at anytime. In addition to the glass being impact resistant, the window frame itself is reinforced to withstand the pressure that a hurricane causes. Get hurricane impact windows today to prepare your home in case of a storm!

In addition to having hurricane windows, making sure that your doors are all hurricane impact is important as well. During a hurricane, there is immense amounts of pressure from the weather system being applied to your home. With all this pressure and wind, it is important that all of the home’s openings are securely closed. If the pressure enters your home, there could be roof damage caused by wind and pressure trying to escape the home by pushing up. Having a door that can withstand hurricane force winds and debris is just as important as hurricane impact windows.

- National Hurricane Center Live Updates -

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