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Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors

Updated: Feb 9

One of the wisest things South Florida homeowners can do, is to Invest in impact windows and doors installation. There are several of important benefits for installing impact windows and doors.

In this blog post we will discuss some of those benefits, as well as cover some general information for both impact doors and windows. If you’re already prepared to speak with an installation company about installing impact windows or impact doors, contact HK Contractors LLC for further assistance.

Benefits of Impact Windows & Doors

Impact-Resistant Security Protection Impact glass is practically unbreakable. Whether it is protection from hurricanes, burglary, or break-ins of all kinds, impact-resistant doors and windows will keep your home safe at all times. If you value peace of mind whenever you are away, invest in impact windows & doors installation.

Impact Doors and Windows Look Stylish

One of the more underappreciated impact window benefits is that they look stylish. Hurricane windows are custom built for every home. This means, depending on protection needs, construction, and style, you will have a unique and enhanced home addition.

View our Project Gallery to see for yourself!

Impact Windows Provide Superior Levels of Hurricane Protection

Few benefits of impact window and door installation are as significant as protection. Although it’s true that there are other great benefits for having hurricane windows, such as lower energy costs, the fact remains that the top reason people invest in impact window installation is for superior protection.

Hurricane windows are made of impact-resistant glass, which is able to withstand up to 200 mph winds. They’re also highly insulated with multiple layers, double-paned, and have other fillers between various glass layers. 

Hurricanes are well known to fill Florida homeowners with anxiety. Their uncertainty and powerful winds can easily cause damage to any size property or home. Impact windows and doors provide owners with assurance that their house is safely protected from these powerful storms at all times.

Significant Saving on Energy Costs

Energy-efficient impact windows will lower energy costs. Impact windows block out UV rays and keep heat from entering a home, which makes homes cooler and lowering the need for continuous air conditioning at lower temperatures. 

Impact windows also keep cold air from escaping, lowering energy costs in the process. 


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